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What shall I bring on the trip? 

• Snacks 

• Extra blanket

• Personal or shareable alcohol (Not required but recommended for personal preferences)

• Personal hygiene kit

• Swimsuit or swimming trunks for either pool or hot tub


How are sleeping arrangements?

There are 2 individuals per 1 bed.  It is first come first serve.  Sleeping/bed arrangements can be made beforehand and requests shall be submitted to


What if I want to claim my own room?

Room requests can be made but only including 2 people.  1 individual can not request a room alone.  If one person wants to have their own room the individual must pay double payment to cover the cost of the bed/room.  An additional fee of $100 is to be paid for a request or you must follow the rules of first come first serve.  It is up to our discretion to approve or deny any request.


Are there dietary options?

Dietary options can be arranged. If there are any dietary preferences or if you have any allergies please contact us at Other dietary options not relating to allergy, for example, vegan meal plan options will be an additional fee.


What if I can't make it on the start date, will I be charged the full price?

Yes, the price is final and covers the full stay.  


Can I join late?

Yes.  However, the total price would not be changed.


What type of events will there be on the trip?

The full itinerary will be sent out or posted on website before the trip.  Until then all you need to know is that we will turn up and start hydrating yourself now.  Say goodbye to your liver!


Any additional questions please contact us at




A Luxury Getaway Experience Like No Other

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